Just come by during one of our regular Tue and Thur class at 7:30pm. You can choose to observe or participate. The choice is yours. The first class is free, and we will be there to answer questions you have


Please bring a signed waiver with you


You don't. And neither do we. The only way to find out is to try. If you are interested and would like to start, we ask that you commit for 3 months. The reason being that is the minimum amount of time for you to begin to understand Wing Chun.


The beginner curriculum is simple. What we ask of our students is to practice daily and as correctly as he/she can. In the beginning, your practice at home may take around half an hour. The more you practice, the faster you will progress.


The Chinese word for martial art is "Kung Fu". The translation is hard work. It is long ingrained in the minds of martial artist that being good at martial art means working harder than everyone else. Wing Chun is no different. And that's what we ask of anyone who would like to join. We are a non-profit organization, therefore we are not interested in attracting extra members to fill up the class.


Anyone who is interested in learning Wing Chun are welcome to come. The only word of caution is that if you are strictly looking for a social event, an extracurricular activity or a weight loss program, then this may not be for you. Those of us with this class for a long time do not think of this as a hobby or an activity. It is more of a life style. We do this every day and think about it all the time, no different than thinking about breakfast, lunch and dinner.


You can also find some of our training methods and ideas in the Gallery section.



Leung Sheung Wing Chun is not just different from other martial arts. It is also different from other lineage of Wing Chun. Since we are the only school of Leung Sheung lineage, our Wing Chun is distinctly different from other schools in the area as well.


To start, we practice our 3 Wing Chun sets diligently and precisely. Precision and hard work are what makes any forms, routines or sets applicable in a fight. Without accurate and diligent practice, sets and forms are no different than dance moves. Our Wing Chun set, when practiced correctly and with time will provide structural stability, sensitivity and energy. It is practiced with application in mind.


Our martial art also focus on relaxation and softness. When they are applied with proper position, they give the smaller guy with shorter reach a chance. In Leung Sheung Wing Chun, we train ourselves to be relaxed in positions defined in our 3 sets. It is a lengthy and difficult process. But they are essential in any fight.


Precision, accuracy and repeatability are also a big part of our way of martial art. One of the well known Chinese martial art principle is "You do not throw a punch without knowing it will penetrate". Wing Chun is an art of conservation. We conserve our energy until an opportunity comes along and our precision and accuracy will help us capture that opportunity.


Sensitivity is also an essential element of Wing Chun. Our sticking hands drill give us an opportunity to train to remain relaxed under stressful conditions. This developed into a sense of heightened awareness.


All these different elements, when combined, may be enough to overcome physical advantages that your opponent may have over you.


Our Tue and Thur class is led by instructors John and Lau. Sifu Kenneth Chung travels to Houston and host immerse Wing Chun workshops 2 times a year.


Along with the lead instructors, there are a number of assistant instructors who has been training  with us for over 10 years. There are also a number of 7-10 years members who can drill with new students. It is a privilege to have this amount of experience on our team to train and assist with new students. In many martial arts schools, the title of instructor, black belts and master are given after 5-6 years of training.


2 times a year, Sifu Kenneth Chun travels to Houston for a workshop that runs for 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday. During the workshop, students would have the opportunity to experience and observe more advanced techniques. Sifu Kenneth Chung will also work with students on their three sets. The experience you get from the workshop will be unparalleled.  The workshop is mandatory.


In Leung Sheung Wing Chun, we have no ranks, belts or status by way of passing series of tests. It is our belief that such system gives a false sense to confidence to students on their ability to fight. We believe it is more practical to test your skills against other martial arts practitioners inside and outside of our class. If you never test, then you may not  discover your weakness or improve from it. It is our opinion that giving titles to students via test or seniority do not help you discover what you lack. Our instructors will show you what you need to continue working on, but self-assurance can only be built through discovery. Moreover, we believe a young student who practice diligently and correctly will quickly outperform a more senior student who do not practice as much. So the idea of ranks has never been part of our lineage.


Sifu Kenneth Chung also taught us to always think of ourselves as students instead of teachers or masters. He believes the learning process stops when you begin to think you have reached the finish line and proclaim to be a master. Therefore, Sifu Kenneth Chung coined the term "humble students of Wing Chun", and that is what all of us consider ourselves to be. Always a student. We can keep growing and keep getting better, no matter how long we have been in martial arts.  We think humility is an essential element in being good at martial arts.



Unlikely. The focus of our Tue and Thur class will be on the three sets, chi sao and various drills. For new students, we will not introduce them to sparring right away. For students who has been there a few months, depending on progress, we may introduce light sparring with assistant instructors who has achieved good control and precision. For students who are more advanced, it will be the desire of the participants to decide how aggressive they want the sparring to be.


In Leung Sheung Wing Chun, we do not wear any gears or pads. It is our belief that gears or pads mitigate the pain, and thus remove the sense of danger and awareness in a real fight. We think training this way will result in the behavior of trading, which is the idea of taking punches in exchange for throwing a few of your own. While pads may mitigate pain, they also mitigate the sense of danger and dulls your awareness. So in a real fight with no gears or pads, this type of training may cost you something you cannot afford.


We also believe that training without gears and pads is tremendously safer than with them. It will not give you the illusion of safety and thereby raise your awareness. Sparring between two students with similar skill level is fairly safe. While small amount of bruising and bleeding may occur, it is unlikely for either one to inflict serious damage on the other.


With precision and control, serious injury has never occurred in our class. Periodically, small amount of bruising or bleeding may occur during sparring. But as safe as we think it is, accidents may still occur, and injury is still a possibility. In addition, ability for physical activity varies between individuals. Please consult your physician to determine if you are fit for physical activity.


Despite a good safety record, there is still a possibility for injury. This is why we asked our students to sign a waiver to acknowledge the possibility of injury and release the association of any liability.